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General Information

We at Trains&More are dedicated to furthering the collection, display, and operation of American Flyer items.  In addition we offer a selection of unique related items.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchases, and we will do whatever is required to be sure you are satisfied.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to let us know.

We aim to please; give us a chance to prove it.  Order today!  We automatically update this site as we locate other American Flyer and related items. 

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Grading System

Retailers, dealers, and catalog merchants all use a wide variety of grading systems.  In this catalog we are going to use as simple of a system as possible.  Whenever a question arises concerning a particular item, the lesser grade will be referenced.

Trains&More through this catalog will be offering both items for the operator and collector.  Our grading system is as follows:

Mint- No evidence of use and in original box with all original paperwork.

New- No evidence of use.  May or may not be in original box with or without original paperwork.

Excellent- Few scratches.  No dents or rust.  No evidence of excessive use.

Very Good- Few scratches and nicks.  No dents or rust.  Clean.

Good- Scratches, small dents, nicks, rust.  Good item for operating layout.

Fair- Scratches, dents, dirty, nicks, rust or warped.  Always operational.

Parts Only- In need of repair.  Possibly restorable.  Not operational as purchased.

For the most part this catalog is aimed at the operator.  Items for the collector are marked accordingly.

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All the items in the train sections, with the exception of items marked "Mint" or "New in Box (NIB)," are shipped without cleaning.  Upon request, at no additional cost, any train item will be cleaned thoroughly.  We do not use detergents, solvents, chemical cleaners, or any other methods that would detract from the value of any of these items.

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To the Catalog

The catalog is divided up into about 20 or so sections (these sections are subject to change and new sections may be added or subtracted).  So, on to the catalog!




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